This Is 7ten.

Who is Jesus?

Jesus came to show us what God is like and to show us how we can be put back together with Him.


Things aren’t the way they’re supposed to be.

From the most horrific things we see on the news to the very brokenness we experience in our lives, we know that life was meant for more. The reality is that God did create this world for something much more beautiful, but each of us have contributed to the brokeness we see around us. We have rebelled against the ways of God and rejected his desire to be our joy (actual lasting joy). All of us have traded God's ways for our own and look what it’s done to us. God could have left us in the mess we got ourselves into. He could have chosen to withhold his love, but He didn’t.

In His kindness, God brought healing and forgiveness to us by sending his Son, Jesus.

Our rebellion against God deserves eternal punishment, but through the cross Jesus has taken our record of wrongs and traded them for his record of rights. Jesus’ death has brought us life. Those who surrender their lives to Jesus can receive this free gift of grace and forgiveness found in Him.  We can bring our pain, our fears, and our loneliness and trade them in for perfect love, acceptance, and belonging. Because Jesus has risen from the dead, He has fully and finally defeated sin, Satan, and death. Jesus rules over all things as Lord and He will one day return to ultimately cleanse, restore, and heal this world of all the mess we see. All things will be made new and those who belong to Jesus will dwell with God as their King forever.