The world is flawed… that is fairly easy for everyone to see. Humanity is made up of flawed people, people like us hurt others, lose our cool, gossip and slander, take advantage of others, chase greed, the list goes on. We all have the propensity to treat people like this, and people probably have hurt you in these same ways. There’s a word for this, it’s called sin. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. The way God designed humanity to be was so beautiful! Where love was never selfish, hearts were never broken and tears were never shed. God and mankind dwelt together as a loving Father with His children. But then sin enters the picture. Mankind wants to be their own god, and God and man are separated. And we've been feeling the effects of sin ever since, it's why the world is so broken and it's in all of us. The Bible is very clear on the fact that God must punish sin because it is rebellion against the Holy One, our very own Creator. That punishment is death and we are all guilty.


Who is Jesus? He is our only hope, He is the pinnacle of God’s love story towards us. God being rich in love and mercy longed to bring us back to Himself. He decided not to pour out His wrath on the sinner (a fate we rightfully deserved) but instead sent a substitute, a man to die in our place. A holy man who would transfer His record of flawlessness to us and take on our record of sin and shame as His own, a man who was God Himself. His name was Jesus. God in the flesh, God’s own heart and soul with human hands and feet and He came specifically to die. That with Him, every dark deed that you and I would ever commit would be nailed to the cross and put to death. Our record of sin would never rise again, but Jesus did. In His resurrection He defeated Satan, sin, and death and now welcomes us into perfect eternal relationship with Himself. Through this marvelous work of love, God is putting back together everything that is broken, wiping every tear, and making everything new!


Are you hurting? Are you lonely? Are you heavy with the weight of your regrets? The Savior Jesus is reaching out with arms wide open ready to forgive and to welcome you home. There is no sin too big for God. All He asks of us is to lay down our burdens, bring our weight of sin to Him and He will remove it from us as far as the east is from the west. Come be found, come rest in this amazing grace, come and truly be free!